October 02, 2013
Spotlight On: Rose

Roses are universally considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

Extracted through steam distillation of fresh Damascus Roses, Rose Essential Oil has many medicinal, emotional and psychological benefits, and is widely used for its strong sweet and floral scent in perfumery.


Rose oil is well known for its antidepressant properties. It brings a sense of strength to those fighting depression or grief, as well as confidence and self esteem or assurance, whilst evoking positivity and hopefulness. In cases of anxiety or post-traumatic stress/shock disorder (PTSD), some have found Rose essential oil to be hugely beneficial. It can boost positivity, and bring feelings of joy, relaxation and contentment. It's properties as a comforter also make Rose essential oils effective in helping to relieve insomnia.

Roses are widely associated with romance: partly because of the properties of the essential oil as an aphrodisiac. The essential oil of a rose can arouse and conjure romantic feelings.

Rose essential oils can also help to relieve headaches and asthma, have antiviral, antibacterial and stomachic properties, and can regulate hormonal imbalances.

Our Sweet Fruit & Rose candles contain pure Rose Essential Oil, and work to uplift the soul.

Emily Bathgate

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