November 27, 2013
Spotlight On: Orange

Sweet Orange Essential Oil, with its beautiful citrusy sweet smell, is one of the most popular in aromatherapy.

Aside from its cheerful and uplifting aroma, and ability to clear and freshen the air in a stale or stuffy atmosphere, Orange oil possesses a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

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Orange essential oil is a perfect oil for those who are feeling depressed or anxious; it evokes feelings of positivity, happiness, cheer, and relaxation. It is a fantastic natural sedative, alleviating stress, anger and frustration, and bringing clarity and peace of mind.

Relieving tension, this oil can be used for relief from headaches as well as stress.

Orange essential oil is also known for its anti-spasmodic properties, with an ability to fight persistent coughs alongside other issues. It can also work well as an anti-inflammatory, and immunity booster.

Our Summer Mango and Sweet Fruit & Rose candles contain pure Orange Essential Oil, and work to brighten and uplift.

Emily Bathgate

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