September 13, 2013
My Pure Glow Cleanse

For the past three days, I’ve been on my very first Juice Cleanse.

Pure Glow Cleanse was founded by local gurus Annette Gohl and Jacqueline Forth earlier this year, and provides Perth Cleansers with a three-day program, including six varieties of cold pressed juice per day.

The live juices are raw, vegan and full to the brim with vitamins, nutrients and nourishment.


Pressed juices maintain the nutrients within fruits and vegetables, which would usually be removed or degraded by traditional blending or grinding juicing techniques. The pressing technique maintains the pure and natural state of its ingredients. Better still, cold pressing the fruits and vegetables actually enables you to consume a more concentrated amount of nutrients than usually achievable through eating them alone.


So what made me want to participate in a Juice Cleanse?

1.  Firstly, the Cleanse allows the digestive system to take a break. We all need a holiday at times, and we also all know how refreshed and revitalised we feel after taking one!

2.  The Cleanse allows the body to go into detox mode, kick-starting the internal detoxification systems. Although these systems occur naturally, the average modern lifestyle and diet can contribute to increased toxins within the body. A Juice Cleanse allows for a ‘deeper clean’ and spruce up.

3.  The pressed juices are high in concentrated alkalising enzymes and nutrients. A fully alkalised system will not allow for diseases, including cancer, to exist within it.

4.  In cleaning up the inside of the body, the Cleanse allows for the outside to shine also – hello, glowing complexion!

5.  The Cleanse eliminates impurities and toxins, meaning vitality and clarity can be restored and optimised (yay for increased energy levels!).

6.  Juice Cleanses can aid in weight loss.

And what did I think?

The juices themselves were undeniably delicious. My favourite was definitely the Chai Vanilla Dream, with almond, cashew and brazil milk for protein, and chai spice and vanilla for flavour: heaven!


I'll admit, the first day was fairly unpleasant - I was so hungry (I'm a self-confessed over-eater, as I've learnt from this Cleanse!), I had to cave and have a small, un-dressed green salad with my Fifth juice for the day. By the second day I could feel my body ridding itself of toxins, so was a little headachy in the morning... But by the afternoon, and on the final day, I felt AMAZING! 

I could not recommend this Cleanse highly enough. I loved it, and so did my body!

Annette and Jacqueline are the most beautiful souls, and you can just see the passion for holistic health and wellness oozing out of them and into their work on Pure Glow Cleanse. And that passion is infectious - my love of natural health has multiplied in the past few days, and I've become far more aware of my body and its systems.

This Cleanse just goes to show, I think, that if you love and nourish your body, it will do the very same to you.

I will definitely be performing a Pure Glow Cleanse every six months to keep my body's systems healthy, and to maintain my Glow :)


Emily Bathgate

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