April 25, 2017
Face Up

Did you know that when it comes to your health, it's written all over your face? Your facial features give more away about your health than you may think...

Yep. Bags under your eyes, the colour of your tongue, an oily t-zone, and even the type and location of your wrinkles could be pointing towards what's happening with your health below the skin's surface.


E Y E S.

Not only are the eyes the keys to the soul, but to the analysis of your health. Iridology is a form of alternative medicine that works on the basis that the eye's colours, patterns and features are indicative of the health of the systems within your body. For example, small white or cream splodges around the iris could imply a weakened lymphatic or immune system, while a frosty white circle surrounding the iris could signify high cholesterol and/or risk of heart disease. Meanwhile, little fine red vessels in the whites of the eye could indicate a tendency to allergies.
Bags or dark circles under the eyes? As well as the obvious (lack of rest and tiredness), it may be important to look at the liver, which might just need some TLC.

T O N G U E.

Your tongue can be a dead giveaway if you have a magnesium deficiency. Stick that baby out. Can you feel or see it quiver in the mirror? You may be deficient in magnesium.
The tongue is usually also indicative of our overall health. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the tongue is representative of a map of the body's organs - thereby pin-pointing areas in need of attention. A pale tongue could indicate either iron deficiency (a lack in haemoglobin), or - according to TCM - problems in the colon or lungs. Meanwhile, a thick white coating could represent the presence of candidasis, a dry tongue high stress, a furry tongue too much dairy, and patches of spots eczema or another allergic-type condition.

S K I N.

Chances are, you'll know by now that I love caring for the skin. But did you know that many of the issues arising on the skin are - more often than not - actually indicative of what lurks beneath? Wrinkles, breakouts, and oily zones can point out problems within our bodies.
For instance, crow's feet could indicate an excessive intake of tannic acid - found in coffee, tea and fizzy drinks. Meanwhile, frown and smile lines could be the result of eating too many "bad" fats.
As for breakouts... Acne is usually the lovechild of a poor diet, hormonal imbalances, an unhappy gut, or all of the above. Enlarged pores could be the result of chronic over-consumption of sugar, and you could have too much dairy to blame for your oily t-zone.


Of course, if you suspect something's up with your bod and know that it's time to face up to it, I'd recommend a visit to a qualified naturopath (or other health practitioner of your choice). They'll help you to master your health, from the inside out!


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