September 26, 2015
Obsessed with... The Little Shop of Plenty

We recently visited The Little Shop of Plenty in Maylands. And now we're obsessed.

The Little Shop of Plenty is housed in Maylands, and offers delicious and nutritious foods - especially catering for those gluten-, dairy- and sugar-free diners amongst us.


Their mission is simple: to help people achieve better health through the food we eat. But bowls of lettuce? No. We're talking incredible, scrumptious and creative plant-based food and drink. Everything at The Little Shop of Plenty is made from raw, whole food ingredients - artificial additive free. They use gluten, dairy and sugar alternatives, super doses of superfoods, and organic produce from local producers.

"There are plenty of satisfying plant based dishes to be tried which contain plenty of protein, plenty of minerals - iron & calcium included – and plenty of exciting flavours to keep us coming back for more!!"

In addition to their own food and beverage creations, The Little Shop of Plenty stock other Australian natural yummies, including kombucha by Gypsy Elixirs (post on their fizzy drinks of delight coming soon...) and CocoWhip (our favourite).


If you haven't yet tried this cafe, we couldn't recommend it more highly. 10/10. Enjoy!

Oh, wondering what we had? Zucchini ribbon salad, an almond milk matcha latte, and some CocoWhip.


The Little Shop of Pantry can be found at 217 Railway Pde, Maylands WA.

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Emily Bathgate

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