August 26, 2015
NEW! The Purist Collection: Herbal Teas

Our NEW naturopathic blend herbal teas are designed to assist in the management of a variety of health conditions, including fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, digestive disorder, and more. We use high quality herbs and herbal medicine techniques to bring you teas that deliver their desired effects whilst tasting delicious.

Infuse in hot water and enjoy these incredible herbs as they come to life, and treat you naturally.

We love that naturopathy is holistic; all about encouraging a healthy mind, body and spirit. And what's better for all three than a nice cup of tea.


The lineup…


T U M M Y     T E A
Your tummy’s new best friend.

This cleansing, refreshing blend is all about beating the bloat and bringing a little digestive peace into your world with the power of some of our favourite herbs.

Ginger plays the role of digestive assistant. Peppermint soothes stomach ache and bids the bloat farewell. Lemon Balm calms a nervy tummy and reduces inflammation. Fennel seed combats gas and can help fight tummy troubles like IBS. Last, but certainly not least, Chamomile prevents cramping and helps to balance appetite.


S L E E P Y   T E A

The healthy nightcap.

Without sleep, the body’s abilities to repair, rejuvenate, protect and detoxify are compromised. And it feels pretty rubbish. Here’s where this dreamy blend comes in…

Chamomile and Lavender lend their properties as soothing and calming mild sedatives, while Valerian combats insomnia. Meanwhile, Passionflower and Lemon Balm help to reduce anxiety, allowing you to sleep peacefully. These herbs have been used for centuries to get us to sleep. Sweet dreams.


W A K E    U P    T E A
Wake up; it’s a beautiful day.

Feeling fatigued and foggy? Mid-afternoon slump kicking in? Struggling to find the energy to get through the huge to-do list? Don’t reach for the sugar – reach for this energising blend!

Green Tea gives a caffeinated kick, whilst balancing blood sugar levels and providing antioxidants aplenty. Meanwhile, Siberian Ginseng boosts energy levels and supports the adrenal system, allowing the body to adapt to stressors. Rose buds bring a delicious flavour, plus lots of antioxidants and Vitamin C. Wake up!

Emily Bathgate

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