July 23, 2015
WE'RE OPEN! Introducing Good & Honest

The Purist Collection can now be found at MANY6160 as part of ‘Good & Honest’ – a collaborative retail project by us, and our friends Green Smoothie Co & The Products.

Together, we are bringing you good, honest and locally made natural products for body, soul and mind.

MANY6160 is Australia's largest temporary space activation project. Opened in October 2013, the former department store is a thriving hub of cutting edge retail, and open-plan workspace.
“A place of curated, supportive, complimentary and quality operators working towards the common goal of an active and vibrant Fremantle.”

 The Purist Collection is incredibly humbled to be able to deliver this project to you alongside Green Smoothie Co and The Products.

Green Smoothie Co delivers specially designed single-serve pre-packaged mixes of superfoods to nourish your body, sharpen your mind and charge your energy. Their superfood mixes deliver maximum nutrition, energy, power and wellbeing in minimum time.

The Products comprise a range of small-batch natural skincare made by hand in Perth. Using the best natural ingredients, none of these products contain any nasties - NO Lauryl sulphate glycols, petrochemicals, artificial fragrance, animal derivatives, synthetic colours, silicones or parabens. Tested only on people, and so natural they can be eaten, our favourite products include the coffee scrub and absolute rose face & body cream.

Good & Honest can be found by the Kings Square entrance at MANY6160, and is open Thursday to Sunday, 10am-5pm.

Emily Bathgate

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