January 23, 2018
The Best Yoga Studios in Perth

Yoga's list of benefits is a) really long, and b) really varied, and it's beautifully inclusive, making it suitable for just about everyone. From developing strength, improving mobility, flexibility and circulation, to releasing joint and muscular tension. From reducing stress, fatigue and anxiety, to improving posture and concentration.
Yep. I could keep going, but I think you get the picture: yoga is goooooood for you!

A lot of people have caught onto this idea now, and you can yoga just about anywhere! But our hands-up, down and all around fave places to practice yoga here in Perth? Read on, cutie pie...


1. Y A B   Y U M   Y O G A

Nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of Vic Park's Albany Highway, you'll totally forget where you are when you step inside the Yab Yum studio. To say that this space is beautiful doesn't even begin to cover it; adorned with lights, plants and pots of tea, the ambience is spot-on.

And the teachers and classes?! Where do we even begin! My faves so far have been Hatha with Axel - the perfect mix of meditative and juicy movement, Restore + Align with Zsuzsana - because alignment and restoration are perfect for body, mind and soul (duh), and Slow Flow with Tayu - beautifully invigorating and peaceful at the same time. 

Yab Yum had come highly recommended to me, and I can totally see why!


2. Y O G A   S I T A

Image: Yoga Sita.

I love this space! Alex, the beautiful being behind Yoga Sita in Booragoon, oozes passion for yoga and you can truly feel it from the second you step into the studio, a converted warehouse space done oh-so right.

My favourite classes so far have been Yin Flow, which is the perfect yin meets yang practice - starting off with some yin to streeetch that bod, flow is welcomed easily in the second half of the class, and Yin + Restorative, the practice of meditative, restorative and yin poses combined.

Throughout her classes, Alex really reminds you of the philosophies of yoga - what it truly means to practice and live a yogic life. I also love her use of aromatherapy in the classes, with carefully selected oils matched to the sequence perfectly. And her caring, nurturing, therapeutic hands-on approach is so welcome!


3. T R U E   N A T U R E

Tucked neatly away in the natural wellness centre NatureCo in Edgewater, True Nature Yoga's intimate classes are heavenly. Tara's classes and workshops are truly some of my all-time favourites, both healing and so wonderfully inclusive. Even Mr Purist loves them! 

I love that at the start of each class, Tara asks what her yogis want to achieve, and what their bodies are crying out for, and then tailors it from there. Gentle, nourishing and nurturing, Tara's classes always make my body feel just right - softly challenged, but aligned and restored.

And the seasonal restore events... absolute bliss!


4. T A M A R A   Y O G A

Image: Tamara Yoga.

Tamara Yoga is really where my love of yoga - especially restorative - and meditation began. I used to drive 45 minutes every Sunday to make their Restorative class in their gorgeous initial studio in Claremont, it was that good! And that good that I managed to convince my Mum to come along every Wednesday night for six weeks for a meditation course, too!

It's been a while since I visited Tamara Yoga, but Tamara and her team of passionate teachers really set their classes apart. It's really no surprise you'll now find them at two beautiful studios across Perth.

Tamara Teacher Training is definitely next on my hit-list...


So there you have it! Our favourite places to get our yoga on in Perth.

Where's your fave studio?



Emily Bathgate

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