November 01, 2017
The Best of the South West


It's hard to deny how lucky we are in Western Australia to have so many beautiful places to explore and fall in love with. For us, one of those extra special spots is our beautiful South West: Busselton, Yallingup, Injidup & Margaret River.

We recently popped down for a mini-break, and here's our pick of all of the best, most pure + natural bits of a trip to our beautiful South West.


1.  B O D H I   J   @   I N J I D U P

You've no doubt heard of Bodhi J's spas in Wembley and Perth CBD: Bodhi J are Perth's (and now Western Australia's!) premier eco-luxe spa group, offering a beautiful array of massage and facial treatments, and natural and healing therapies.

Their to-die-for treatments now span the coast, right down to the spectacular seaside surrounds of Injidup, with three treatment rooms and luxurious accommodation available at the divine Injidup Spa Retreat.

We are proud to stock our range of candles at all three Bodhi J spas, including the beautiful Injidup Spa Retreat.


2.  I N J I D U P   N A T U R A L   S P A

While you're in Injidup, you really can't go past the Natural Spa: the most incredible natural rock pool you'll ever see. Previously a super secret spot, the Natural Spa has probably popped up on your Instagram feed more than once, and there's little wonder why!


Expect a little bit of a climb down the rocks, but also prepare for some of the most spectacular views possible on your way down. And, if you time it right (like we did), you might just spot some whales mid-descent.


3.  P E A C E T R E E   E S T A T E

If you ignore everything else we recommend in this post, let it not be this.

We love all things good and healthy here at The Purist Collection. But, to be honest, we also love a good drop of wine. With me? Yeah. Well, Peacetree Estate have answered our prayers.

Organic, reduced-sulfate deliciousness by the bottle. And, as they're a small, family-run vineyard, you'll get to chat to the owners (and, bonus points, their cute as heck doggies) as you taste. Then buy the whole range. Like me. #noregrets.

4.  W I L D   V I N E G A R   C O .

Wild Vinegar Co. is a Bunbury born and bred business, and one of my favourite finds from the trip!

Even if you don't stop by Bunbury, you'll find WVC's delicious infused apple cider vinegar tonics all over the place through the South West region. And, luckily, even when you're back home in Perth.

The Healthy Tonic is my favourite. I've been drinking it in warm water before every meal (or at the very least, first thing in the morning), adding it to my salad dressings... it's beyond addictive. And, conveniently, packed full of natural health, too!


5.  Y E L V E R T O N   P R O T E A   F A R M

If you happen to follow us on Insta @thepuristcollection (and if you don't...wot?), you'll probably have gained some insight into our protea obsession. And, well, Yelverton Protea Farm kinda ticks all our boxes.


I can quite safely say I had no idea how protea even grew before pulling off the highway and into the farm. The property is packed full of protea bushes, and boasts a nursery (so you can take home your own bush baby) and florist (where you can literally step inside the cool-room to select your stems and other native friends). Do not miss this.


6.  M E R C H A N T   +   M A K E R

Merchant & Maker is always my first port of call while in Dunsborough, and it just gets better and better each time I go.

A cafe, meets gift store, meets convenience store. And when I say convenience, I mean everyday convenience, natural/organic/vegan convenience, and divine culinary convenience. Because Dunsborough, duh.



So there you have it. Our natural lover's guide to the best of the South West!

Where's your fave spot down south?



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