November 21, 2016
Obsessed with: Raw + More

West Perth is a hub of busy-ness during the week, with the streets packed full of workers making the midday sandwich dash. Oh, but you don't eat sandwiches? Welcome to my world. But fear not, friend: I've found somewhere that offers delicious and nutritious lunches, breakfasts, and so much more.

Enter Raw + More. Owner Diane started the café with the intention of serving not only daily raw food specials (everything from raw cakes and slices, to top-notch salads, smoothies, and fresh cold-pressed juices)...but also - yep, you guessed it - more.

Think coffees (by WA-based master roasters, Bolt), matcha & turmeric lattes, and hot chocolates with just about every milk option under the sun; from almond to brazil, cashew to dairy.

Think soups and curries, made fresh on premises each day (and we're talking freshly hand-made and hand-prepared everything everyday- right down to cracking and crushing coconuts).

Photo: Bex Weller - Raw + More's Facebook

The passion Diane has for her café and for serving us beautiful, health-packed food is so obvious. Raw + More has such a fantastic vibe to it, and the food really speaks for itself.
My favourites? The hazelnut milk hot chocolate concoction known as 'Notella' (it really does taste like Nutella, and contains one of my favourite superfoods, Maca), and their incredible soups with almond bread and avocado on the side.

Raw + More is a literal hidden gem. It's located at the back of Thomson's Clothing on Hay Street (you can cut through the clothing racks), but can also be accessed from the driveway behind ANZ off Outram Street.
And the best bit? They're open on Saturday and Sunday mornings, too!

1267 Hay Street, West Perth

Opening Hours :
Mon - Fri:  8.00am - 3.00pm
Sat : 8.00am - 2.00pm
Sun : 9.00am - 2.00pm

Emily Bathgate

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