December 19, 2016
Obsessed with: Inner Ego Juice Cleansing

A few weeks ago I made an impulse purchase. You know how it is (actually; don't lie). Turns out this was one of my healthier impulses. Yep, I bought a one-day cleanse from Inner Ego.

 Photo: Inner Ego

Inner Ego was born from a passion of healthy living, eating and juicing at the end of 2013, and they've now become a brand recognised for their dedication to delivering the people of Perth an entire holistic experience.

Inner Ego's juice cleanses consist of raw, vegan, cold-pressed juices, containing locally grown and selected produce, and carefully curated for ultimate cleansing power.

The thing I love about Inner Ego is the variety. They have three juice-only cleanses, as well as a fourth which throws in one raw meal per day. They also provide you the option to select from one, two, three or even five days of cleansing. And then deliver all of the above, right to you.

My impulse cleanse was the Rewind. I opted for just a day (at only $59, what a bargain, srsly!), and the super lovely Lynda even helped me swap a couple of juices for ginger- and spinach-free alternatives (because it turns out I'm gosh darn intolerant). The very next day, my eight juices were in my hot little hands and I was ready to go.

It wasn't my first rodeo (/juice cleanse). I knew what was coming. For someone who (really really) loves eating, giving up food for a day can be pretty tough. Worth it, but tough. But the added bonus of cleansing with Inner Ego for me is the number of juices their cleanses boast. Eight juices over a day works out to be one juice every 1.5-2 hours. And, to be honest, that might actually (just) be more often than I slip food between my lips. So it was hardly a struggle at all!

By the evening, I was a little peckish, I'll admit. But I woke up the next morning feeling considerably lighter. My brain fog was gone, I could feel a weight lifted from my digestive system's shoulders, and I seemed to drift throughout my day. Restored, renewed, and ready to take on a busy month ahead.

My favourite juices of the cleanse were the Earth Blend (because beetroot + red apple = yum AF) and Blue Lagoon (because blue juice, duh). And the healing Turmeric Blend - a nut mylk with turmeric and black sesame - at the end of the day was so soothing - reminisce of a glass of milk before bed in the old days, just much, much healthier - but also nicely filling after a day of just juice.

Photo: Inner Ego

If you're considering a cold pressed juice cleanse, don't discount Inner Ego. Start your juicing journey with a one or two day cleanse, and work your way up from there. And...enjoy! I'll be joining you in the New Year, no doubt about that ;)


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