September 13, 2016
Introducing our NEW Facial Oil

If you read my blogs quite often, you'll probably have discovered by now that I REALLY LOVE FACIAL OILS. Like, really really.

So, a few months ago I decided to make my own. I've been using it every day without fail - after I've cleansed and toned (using my Herbal Facial Mist, of course) and before moisturising - ever since, and have FALLEN. IN. LOVE.
Now I've decided to make the world a better place, and share it with all of you - you can buy it right here.

What's so flipping good about this facial oil? Well, it's basically a line up of all of the best all-natural ingredients for skin, infused with our favourite essential oils and medicinal herbs.
Here's what's in our new Facial Oil, and why...

 O L I V E   S Q U A L A N E

Our skin’s sebum naturally contains squalane, utilising it to synthesise vitamin D, hormones and cholesterol. We produce more of it in our early life, and less later on – hence lines and brown spots being such common signs of ageing. So where do we find this magical stuff? Olives. Olives contain the largest percentage of squalene, which is absorbed readily due to its comparability to our skin’s natural oils. Squalane firms and tones skin, improves its suppleness and flexibility, reduces age spots and wrinkles, and helps to treat skin irritations. It also holds antibacterial properties and the ability to regenerate skin cells.

Jojoba oil is made from the jojoba bean, native to southwestern America. The native Americans used jojoba oil to restore any and all skin ailments, and it’s really no wonder why. Jojoba oil mimics the natural oils of the skin, therefore allowing for easy absorption and deep penetration to the levels of skin at which cell regeneration occurs. As it deeply penetrates the skin, it takes a bucketful of beautiful nutrients – Vitamins A, E & D, and essential fatty acids Omega 6 & 9; all known for their skin health benefits – deep with it. Jojoba oil is a natural antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and hypoallergenic. It’s amazing for acne-prone, dry, wrinkled, damaged, sensitive, and irritated (eczema and psoriasis, we’re looking at you) skins.

F R A C T I O N A T E D   C O C O N U T 

Fractionated coconut oil is literally coconut oil minus some of its less desirable components – making it a more stable oil, no longer likely to solidify and no longer susceptible to rancidity. It also makes a lighter, less greasy oil, capable of better cleansing the skin. The process of fractionating is a non-chemical process too, hooray!
Fractionated coconut oil is easily absorbed by the skin, adding hydration without unnecessary oiliness. It also carries other oils and their nutrients well – bringing more bang for your buck.

V I T A M I N   E
Vitamin E is jam-packed full of beautiful benefits. Its oil is anti-ageing, an anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory, so amazing for skin. It is also a fabulously hydrating oil, as it prevents the skin from losing its water content. Vitamin E has a great capacity for healing sun and UV damage, as well as scarring. As it speeds up skin cell regeneration, it helps to not only heal but reduce the appearance of scars.

Rosehip oil is a beautiful source of antioxidants and Vitamin A – both responsible for repairing any damage to skin. Full of essential fatty acids, readily absorbed, and neutralising, this oil helps to maintain collagen and elastin in the skin, combat UV damage, and treat scarring. Rosehip oil is also an anti-inflammatory, helping to calm any inflammation or inflammatory-type skin conditions. I love this oil for its ability to give the skin a really beautiful glow.

Also known as tea oil, camellia oil holds emollient, antioxidant, anti-microbial, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. Or, in normal, non-sciencey English: it’s a great moisturiser, it’s anti-ageing, cleansing and balancing, it’s great for skin repair and tightening, and it helps to combat inflammation. Perfect.

T E A   T R E E
We use Tea Tree essential oil in a few of our products because it is so healing and cleansing. It’s incredible for wound healing, calming redness, stimulating the skin, improving blood circulation beneath the skin, promoting nutrient absorption, and more. It’s also a brilliant antibacterial, stopping irritating skin bugs in their track, and providing a deep clean. I also love its fresh smell, and the fact that it’s native to Australia. We never use too much Tea Tree essential oil that it causes irritation, so we’ve got you covered – all the benefits, no irritation.

Lavender essential oil is amazing for skin healing – it’s a great help if you’re a scar sufferer. At the same time, like Tea Tree, Lavender essential oil is a fantastic antibacterial and antiseptic, helping to thoroughly clean skin and prevent infection. So it’s really no surprise that Lavender is so valued in the treatment of skin conditions from acne to eczema to psoriasis. Oh, and this essential oil’s aroma is beautifully calming for the nervous system, helping to relieve stress. Stress relief and skincare in one? Yes please!

This beautifully scented essential oil is a proven miracle-worker for skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis. For the rest of us, it’s amazing for helping to fade scars and dark marks, and it’s brilliant for re-hydrating skin.

Rose essential oil ticks many boxes for those of us worrying about the signs of ageing knocking at our skin’s door. It helps to prevent those tell-tale signs by toning and lifting skin, and adding a youthful glow. This essential oil is also brilliant at improving the texture and health of our skin in general. And it smells heavenly.

Not only are all of our beautifying, repairing and healing oils infused with essential oils, but with specifically selected herbs for boosted benefits galore! Our herbs infuse into the oils over a period of weeks by solar infusion, capturing all of their medicinal properties perfectly.
C a l e n d u l a  is a dream skin healer. It is an anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anti-viral, making it suitable for the treatment of skin conditions including acne, eczema, wounds, sores and rashes. It’s also an anti-inflammatory. The perfect herb for skin recovery.
L a v e n d e r  aids in killing bacteria, neutralising any redness, soothing irritation, and restoring damaged skin.
C h a m o m i l e  is a beautiful herb for soothing and calming, so it’s perfect against irritation and inflammation. It’s also lends a big beneficial boost to the treatment of scarring.
B u r d o c k  also helps to prevent inflammation, and is invaluable in wound healing. It’s also an antioxidant and antibacterial, and is commonly used in the treatment of conditions like eczema, acne and psoriasis.
L i c o r i c e  aids in calming the skin and any inflammation, itching or irritation. An antioxidant, Licorice also helps to control oil production and reduce the appearance of dark marks.

Sold? Yep, we thought so. Go on, treat yo'self (and yo skin!).


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Emily Bathgate

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