March 20, 2016
Chat to: Spirited Space

On Wednesday evening I'm off to my first Spirited Space Women's Circle to welcome the full moon with a small group of beautiful, like-minded women.

I spoke to the beautiful Anita from Spirited Space about the moon, her energy healing, and the reasons behind the establishment of her Women's Circles.


"Well, to be honest, what makes up Spirited Space is something I’d dreamed about for a long time – I just hadn’t realised (until now!) what form it would take.

I’ve always been drawn to ancient wisdom, healing energy, old crafts, spiritual practices and becoming in-sync with the natural world. And for years I’d wanted to share my spiritual practice with other like-minded people. This is something I’d based numerous intentions around; and poured a whole lot of energy into manifesting.

So here it is!

I started talking about these things more openly at the end of 2014 – within the ‘safety’ of a private Instagram account (which I told no one about because I thought it might be too ‘woo woo’!). I made a 12 month commitment to posting daily, with the hashtag #365daysofspiritedspace - in an effort to honour my Spirituality.

This has now evolved into a blog, regular Women’s Meditation Circles (on the New and Full Moons), Intuitive Readings, 1:1 Energy Alignments and (in the not too distant future) facilitating a Crystal Workshop. I’ve also delivered an eCourse called ‘INSYNC’ - which was a ‘30 Day Spiritual Practice Guide’ to becoming more in tune with yourself via reconnection with Mother Earth and her natural cycles (this will be offered as an eBook very soon!).

The way that I’ve been guided to work is by holding the space for others to heal. To be a conduit or a vessel. To be a facilitator for others to gain insight into themselves - and initiate their own healing. Bringing them what they need; in terms of messages, energy, or just a safe space. So they can reconnect, and remember, and re-align with themselves - once again.

This will always be the foundation of what I do.

I like to bring a modern day edge, yet grounded approach, to traditional spiritual practices. People ask me what they should call me; am I a Psychic? Clairvoyant? Reiki Practitioner? And whilst I’ve tried out a few of these, in the end none of them ever sit right. A Mystic is the only thing that feels comfortable – and I think that’s because we can always leave it a mystery!"


"Back in the day women would create magic with the lunar cycle - and the moon was always their true guide. This connection has been lost over the years within our culture. I’ve always personally felt that synchronising with Nature aligns me with its balancing cycles and healing rhythms - and has always included Mother Earth’s feminine ally: the Moon.

So I’ve put a lot of effort into re-connecting to these elements. I’ve been cultivating my own Spiritual Practices around this for a long time, for my own well-being.

I cultivated my own rituals on the New and Full Moon – but there came a time where I wanted to join with like-minded sisters in doing the same! Energy is so powerful and impactful when it’s magnified in a group.

Women’s Gatherings and Sister Circles were performed by our ancestors, so it’s not a new thing, but I like to infuse my own modern day twist to these Circles. The elements I bring to these Circles come from what I’m guided to add – and are original in that sense.

So, putting a modern spin on the ancient tradition of Women’s Gatherings, and combining it with Lunar Cycles and my own spiritual practices, has allowed these Circles to evolve over the last 6 months into a local gathering of beautiful women who come from all walks of life."


"When we meet in Circle, we not only share stories and support each other, we also gather to open up a safe space for healing and transformation. We meet to strengthen our intuition and our spirituality - and to re-align our ‘energy’. I always centre the theme and activities on the current phase of the Moon, as well as the Astrological sign it falls in.

The Moon, just like the Sun, has a powerful impact on us down here on Earth. We know that the Moon’s energies produce gravitational forces that affect the tides of the Ocean. If we consider that the Moon is affecting 70% of the Earth’s surface; and the human body is made up of approximately 70% water also – is it any wonder we feel the energy of the Moon?! Many different cultures have long been aware of this and have purposely become synchronised with this energy to use it to their advantage.

I also have great belief in the energetic and spiritual power of like-minded groups gathering; especially when joined in Meditation. A quote from the opening intention I read at every Circle explains this - “there is undeniable power in the shape of a circle. These circles collect and focus energy.

Every person in our Circle collectively unifies, and this creates an effect on the collective consciousness (when you’re there, you can feel this amazing energy!). I believe it has the ability to impact the surrounding environment – and beyond! When tied in with the Moon’s energy, this is amazingly amplified."


"Relative to spiritual practices, the Full Moon is an optimal time for reflection – and this is what we focus on at our Full Moon Women’s Circles. The Full Moon's energy brings out things that were in the dark, and that will now start to come to light. Truths are revealed, and it is the time to release things that we no longer need to hold onto.

The Full Moon is often seen as a time of destruction (with wild weather, high tides, large swell, earthquakes and natural fires); but it’s something that is needed for evolvement. It reminds me of the Australian bush – a bushfire is fierce and devastating, but is crucial for regeneration and growth.

As the Full Moon’s bright, exposing, spotlight shines down on us, there is no shadowing from the Earth - just a pure, unhidden, reflection of the Sun's light bouncing off the surface, straight onto us. This is why people feel moody, vulnerable, or emotional during this time. Everybody releases things from themselves in different ways, and it can be uncomfortable to let go of things – even if they are weighing us down.

This ‘letting go’ allows us to make room for all the new that we’ve been asking for – and all the things we will focus our energy on manifesting at the New Moon! The ‘letting go’ allows us to heal. To transform. To evolve! To make room; where pain, lower energy or heavy vibrations might be taking accommodation inside of us.

Our Full Moon Circles are gentle, soft and nurturing. We reflect, and share, and shed our old skin! We bring our crystals and let the Moon clear and charge them too. It’s amazing to see the relief of the women in the circle, as they release anything that was holding them back. They tell me they walk away feeling lighter - with renewed energy!"


"The New Moon is the time to start Manifesting! But let’s nut that overused cliché out! Manifesting is just another way to explain ‘bringing your goals to life’. When something has manifested, it has come to fruition. Something has evolved. A thought has transformed into reality. An intention has presented itself in front of your eyes. A wish, or a desire, has come true (all from inside you, into the ‘real’ world)!

Now, think of your goals (or intentions) as seedlings. When you plant seedlings, they need a period of incubation under the soil. Darkness. Silence. A protected, quiet time to manifest. To develop. A time to establish roots in a nurturing environment before they break through the soil, into the sunlight – and present their little green sprout.

The New Moon is the beginning of the Lunar Cycle; and it begins with darkness. Or so it appears from Earth – as the Sun, Moon and Earth are all in perfect alignment. This planetary positioning leaves us to see no reflection of light on the Moon’s surface, making it (almost) non-visible in the night sky.

Farmers have long been aware that the beginning of the Moon’s cycle is the perfect time to sow, and cultivate, their seeds. They understand nature’s cycles – as well as we all once did (but have forgotten, as we’ve become more and more disconnected). Farmers know their baby seedlings need a time of darkness to start forming, under the Earth. And; so is true for our intentions, dreams, goals and desires. They always need a beginning. A nurturing time. A gentle space to develop.

The New Moon also symbolises a time of new beginning, the start of a phase, a checkpoint in your life to review what you want – and where you’re heading. A clean slate!"


"I don’t like to think of anything that nature provides as negative; it’s all just a cycle. Just like our lives – ups and downs, joy then contrast, challenges and then flow.

Moon phases, much like planetary retrogrades, do often get a bad rap - but I like to think of them as a time where any imbalances are naturally corrected. Often people find them challenging because, as humans, we like to be in control. These times may feel uncomfortable when our illusions are uncovered, when structures are torn down, when comfort zones are pushed or when truths need to be faced - within different areas of our life.

It can sometimes seem chaotic, because they're happening whether we like it or not! And maybe not at the pace we’d like! But challenges and change are good - and necessary.

Although we may feel affected by certain Moon Phases or planetary alignments, it’s a good time to finally rewrite some patterns. To take some different turns.

Sometimes the Full Moon can initiate an emotional overflow - as it reaches its peak (last Christmas Day combined with a Full Moon ring any bells?! Ha ha). And we may feel we need to protect ourselves from others at this time. But if you remove yourself energetically and look at it from a different perspective, you’ll see that it’s simply an overflow, flooding or bursting of energy - in the form of words or actions. It’s not personal, even if it feels like it is.

I often find it difficult to sleep during particular times of the Lunar Calendar. Sometimes I feel a bit jittery or wired! A lot of people feel the same – especially if you’ve become more tapped into these cycles.

If it’s a little too much I just make sure I balance out these high vibrational energies – I go outside barefoot and earth myself, I surround myself with Negative Ions via the Ocean, I meditate more, have Essential Oil baths (Lavender is the Essential Oil traditionally associated with the Full Moon) and I journal anything that’s spinning around in my head.

If you ride the wave, instead of fighting it, you’ll be surprised at the insights you’ll receive!"


You can find out more about Spirited Space and the Women's circles right here!

Photos: Kellie Blinco Photography.

Emily Bathgate

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