September 18, 2017
6 Steps to Uber Healthy

    Are you feeling healthy? Youthful, full of energy and vitality, fit and active? Or are you feeling like a person of approximately 3812 years of age, with sub-zero fitness levels, like your life is totally out of balance, and always under the weather? Gosh darn it, girlfriend. Let's get you sorted.

    In fact, let's get you adopting these 10 super simple steps into your day, today. And you'll be bouncing with energy and health in no time.

    tea healthy girl

    1.  Add one handful of  N U T S  &  S E E D S  into your day. Do it right now. Nuts and seeds are a natural, brilliant source of essential vitamins and minerals, fibre, protein and 'good' fats. They're the perfect snack - make yourself some DIY trail mix and take a container full with you everywhere you go.

    2.  Ensure you're getting your fresh  F R U I T  &  V E G  fill. We're at least talking 2 pieces / 1 cup of fruit, and at least 3 cups of veggies...every. dang. day. Everyone knows why you should eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, but in case you've been living under a rock: vitamins. Minerals. Fibre. Prevention of disease like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. With me? Okay, great. Onwards. 

    fruit nuts healthy breakfast

    3.  Add  P R O T E I N  to every single meal or snack you eat. Protein is essential for powering the bod, and it's a great way to fill yourself up and get going. There's this misconception (and don't worry, I've #totes been guilty of this myself) that protein = meat. This theory, though = wrong. Sure, meat is a great and obvious source of protein; but there are plenty of plant protein sources, too. And the best news? Replacing even 5g of animal protein with plant protein each day reduces the risk of diabetes by 18%! Think nuts, legumes and whole grains, and cram them into all the meals you can.

    4.  H Y D R A T E  that beautiful body of yours with at least 8 glasses, or 2 litres, of pure, filtered water. Rain, hail or shine. Every cell in that beautiful temple of yours needs adequate water. You can't eliminate toxins if you're not drinking enough water. And, besides, your bodily fluids just don't...fluid...if you're dehydrated. Duh.

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    5.  Treat that body of yours as the temple it is, and spoil it with at least 30 minutes of  E X E R C I S E  per day. Walk, run, dance, yoga, climb, hike, skip, HIIT, F45, Pilates... Find what works for you and your body, and just do it. Trust me: you'll feel so much better. Not only does regular exercise do the obvious (improve your metabolism, and encourage muscle, joint and bone health), but it will also work wonders for your energy and stress levels, and your quality of sleep.

    6.  I've left this one til last, but I can't stress enough how important it is. Find half an hour, day in, day out, to simply  R E L A X . It could be meditating, slipping into a bath, some restorative yoga, tai chi or qi gong, reading a book, journalling, napping, or sitting at the beach. Whatever floats your boat, girlfriend. Not only do you deserve time to relax, but your body needs the opportunity to rest and your mind the quiet-time. Boost your self confidence and appreciation, reduce anxiety and banish stress, power up your energy levels, and improve your concentration.

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