November 23, 2015
Spotlight on: Salts

Our new bath soak contains two types of salts: Epsom and Himalayan. Here's why we picked them...

E P S O M   S A L T

Epsom salt is in fact a pure mineral magnesium sulphate compound, and not a salt. Magnesium and sulphate are absorbed readily through the skin, and so an epsom salt soak is an easy way to reap the many benefits of both; while magnesium reduces inflammation and supports muscle and nerve function, sulphates improve nutrient absorption and toxin elimination. 

Epsom salts help to...

  1. C A L M   &   R E L A X. When epsom salt is absorbed through the skin, it allows replenishment of magnesium, which is drained from the body by stress. The magnesium content also produces serotonin, the mood-elevating brain chemical, and lowers adrenaline, allowing for better sleep and concentration.
  2. R E L I E V E   P A I N. Epsom salt baths help to ease pain and reduce inflammation, helping with sore and tired muscles, migraines and headaches, wound healing, and even bronchial asthma. 
  3. D E T O X. Sulphates help to flush out toxins, allowing your body and its systems to work more efficiently, effectively, and healthily.

H I M A L A Y A N   S E A   S A L T

The sea salt beds under the Himalayas have, for many millions of years, been covered by lava and surrounded by ice and snow. Protected from pollution and disturbance, mined from within the mountains, it is thought that Himalayan sea salt is the purest salt on earth.
In comparison, commercial refined salt is chemically cleaned, bleached, and stripped of all natural minerals other than sodium and chloride. It usually also includes a synthetic form of iodine, which the body struggles to properly process.

Amazingly, Himalayan salt contains all 84 of the elements found in your body - its mineral richness is indicated in its pink, red and white colouring. As such, it has a long list of health benefits and is great for:

  1. P R E V E N T I N G  muscle cramps and pain.
  2. P R O M O T I N G  bone strength.
  3. R E G U L A T I NG  &  P R O M O T I N G  sleep.
  4. G E N E R A T I N G  hydroelectric energy in the body's cells.
  5. B A L A N C I N G  pH levels.
  6. R E G U L A T I N G  water content within the body.
  7. B A L A N C I N G  blood sugar levels.
  8. A B S O R B I N G  foods and nutrients through the intestinal tract.
  9. S U P P O R T I N G  respiratory and sinus health.
  10. I M P R O V I N G  vascular health.
  11. R E G U L A T I N G  blood pressure.

Not only does our soak smell and feel great, but its salts are healing you - naturally. Enjoy!


Emily Bathgate

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