October 02, 2015
Obsessed with... Cocowhip

I've given up Gluten, Dairy & Sugar for six weeks to allow my body to rejuvenate and detox more efficiently. Which is fabulous! Except when I'm craving something sweet, and fruit just won't cut it... Enter a soft serve that totally fits my brief: Cocowhip.

Cocowhip is a bio-fermented and totally vegan soft serve that boasts "a far superior nutritional value to any other frozen dessert on the market, including Acai Bowls & Frozen Yoghurt Desserts". No gluten, dairy or sugar in sight.

It is made from only three ingredients: Coconut Water, Organic Bio-Fermented Coconut Powder & Vegetable Sourced stabilisers.
Coconut water offers hydration and mineral/electrolyte replenishment, while the fermented coconut powder provides probiotics aplenty for gut and intestinal health. 

Cocowhip offers four varieties: coconut, cacao, maqui and matcha - all super food extraordinaires, jam-packed full of super large doses of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and polyphenols.

You can enjoy a Cocowhip of your own right here in Perth from The Little Shop of Plenty in Maylands (read our review here), Ellie's Cafe in Port Kennedy, Louis Baxters in Subiaco, May Street Larder in East Fremantle, and Whip It Good: Fremantle Markets (we're basically neighbours while we're here at MANY6160...dangerous!).

Anyway, we're going to shove some Cocowhip in our faces now ;)

Emily Bathgate

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