September 03, 2013
Spotlight On: Jasmine

A flowering plant originating in India and Iran, Jasmine is hugely popular in aromatherapy for its sweet, floral and delicate scent and its ability to uplift mood and restore joy.

While its expense is high, it is widely considered to be one of the most exotic and wonderful scents, and has been used in perfumery and aromatherapy for centuries.

An anti-depressant, Jasmine helps to break down emotional barriers. It is also considered to be a very sensual oil, and promotes intimacy. As an essential oil it can assist in respiratory conditions, including coughs, relieve pain, balance hormones and is believed to generally bring out the best in people.

Known as the ‘King’ of essential oils, with Rose as its ‘Queen’, Jasmine is actually very well-suited and beneficial to both males and females.

Our Honeysuckle & Jasmine candles feature 100% natural Jasmine essential oil. Why not light one today, and see if you notice the difference in yourself!

Emily Bathgate

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