Ready, Set, Glow: Holistic Skin Handbook


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Ready, Set, Glow: Holistic Skin Handbook
Ready, Set, Glow: Holistic Skin Handbook


A natural + holistic natural skin + beauty handbook, written by Naturopath + The Purist Collection Founder, Emily Bathgate.

To look and feel naturally radiant, every single day, true skin care should go well beneath the surface.
Based on Emily's years in practice, this handbook is full of natural beauty secrets, lessons + advice, easy-to-implement tips, recipes, and more.

Based on her years of work with clients looking to reclaim their glow, regain control of their skin, and clear + heal skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis, Emily shares her wisdom on what she considers to be the six main pillars of ultimate skin health:

  • Diet + Nutrition
  • Gut Health
  • Lifestyle: Skincare + Living
  • Hormonal Health
  • Stress
  • Mindset

Now’s the time to reclaim your power, to regain your confidence, and to glow like the goddess you are, from the inside-out.

Emily Bathgate is a qualified naturopath, self-confidence ambassador and former acne sufferer, specialising in natural health solutions and clean beauty alternatives.

As a holistic skin and beauty expert, and owner/formulator of natural skin + lifestyle brand The Purist Collection, Emily is devoted to helping women reclaim their radiance, and achieve healthy skin (and even healthier self-esteem!), naturally.

Growing up, Emily faced huge health hurdles and confidence issues. Suffering from acne, anxiety, depression, glandular fever, chronic fatigue and endometriosis, Emily felt disempowered and helpless, stuck in a vicious cycle of ill-health, self-comparison and low self-worth. The only answers available at the time were medications that, while relieving surface symptoms, did not even begin to fix the root cause, or umbrella diagnoses by stumped doctors and specialists. Add to this a long list of side-effects and a huge sense of overwhelm, and Emily’s health continued to deteriorate.

Now, almost a decade later, Emily is now an expert in her field, working with clients in the areas of skin health, digestive disharmony, hormonal imbalances, anxiety and low self-esteem. Ultimately, Emily’s mission is to empower women suffering from acne and hormonal issues to get to the root cause of their skin issues, enabling and inspiring them to make healthier lifestyle choices, so that they too can heal their bodies and skin naturally, and become the most confident, happy, healthy and radiant versions of themselves.

Ready, Set, Glow: Holistic Skin Handbook
Ready, Set, Glow: Holistic Skin Handbook

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