Chakra Crystal Set


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Chakra crystal set by The Purist Collection
A set of rough cut crystals to balance the chakras, by The Purist Collection

Eight rough-cut crystals, carefully selected to support, cleanse + activate each chakra. Each set comes in a beautiful velvet pouch.

Set your intention for each, and then use these crystals as you feel.

  • Hold the crystals in the palms of your hands while you meditate.
  • Gift to a friend who needs some love, peace + wellness.
  • Line your yoga mat with them.
  • Carry them in your handbag, pocket or bra.
  • Place them intuitively within your home.
  • C R O W N | Clear Quartz
    Clear Quartz crystal dissipates negative energies, thoughts and beliefs. It is considered to be a worker of magic, amplifying energy and providing powerful healing. Clear Quartz is also known for enhancing memory and concentration.

    T H I R D E Y E | Amethyst
    Amethyst encourages spiritual wisdom, opening awareness and enhancing meditation. It is a natural tranquiliser, helping to block stress and negative energies. Harmonising of body, mind and spirit, Amethyst purifies the aura.

    T H R O A T | Blue Calcite
    Blue Calcite is a beautiful crystal for spiritual growth. It calms anxiety, soothes, and relaxes its user, quietening mental chatter and enabling clear communication.

    E M O T I O N A L H E A R T | Rose Quartz
    Famous as the crystal of love, the benefits of this beautiful crystal are said to include strengthening, healing, attracting and harmonising relationships - including the one with Self.

    P H Y S I C A L H E A R T | Green Calcite
    Green Calcite is the crystal of prosperity and abundance, calming the mind and connecting emotions with intellect. It’s an incredible crystal for restoring hope, and enabling communication.

    S O L A R P L E X U S | Golden Healer
    Golden Healer is a master healer, with an exceptionally high vibration for creating consciousness and expanding awareness. It offers multidimensional healing, with an ability to rapidly release long-running emotional conditioning from the solar plexus.

    S A C R A L | Hematoid Quartz
    Incredibly grounding, Hematoid Quartz offers protection and purification, particularly in the midst of strong energies or emotions. It is also an excellent crystal for memory recall.

    B A S E | Black Obsidian
    Black Obsidian is a powerfully protective crystal, repelling negativity and clearing disorder from the body. Obsidian crystals impel growth and provide solid support. Black Obsidian prompts its user to face up to the true Self.
    Chakra crystal set by The Purist Collection
    A set of rough cut crystals to balance the chakras, by The Purist Collection

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