Tea Infuser


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Tea Infuser
Tea Infuser


Brew the perfect cup of tea with our stainless steel infusers.

Simply open the infuser, add 1-2 teaspoons of your favourite tea + pop the infuser into your tea cup - you can either leave it in, or take it out to reuse later.

Have you tried our naturopathic blend herbal teas?
With a blend of natural and organic herbs thoughtfully selected with particular ailments in mind, we have plenty of teas to choose from:

  • D E T O X - Cleanse the body of toxins + aid the body's natural detoxification system with this supportive blend.
  • G R E E N C H A I - Our organic take on a traditional + delicious Chai blend, enriched with the benefits of antioxidant-rich Green Tea.
  • S K I N - Cleanse + purify skin from the inside-out with this zesty, refreshing blend.
  • S L E E P Y - Relax, unwind + delve into deep, dreamy sleep with this calming blend.
  • T U M M Y - Invite a little digestive peace into your world + banish the bloat with this cleansing, refreshing blend.
  • W A K E U P - Put some pep in your step with this energising + awakening blend.

    Tea Infuser
    Tea Infuser

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