Selenite Smudge Set


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Cleanse home, self + space with this beautiful combination of clarifying selenite and purifying palo santo.

After a bad day, a break-up, conflict, or moving into a new home or space, cleanse your space + self.

  1. Begin by cleansing yourself: fan the smoke of the palo santo over your body, before holding the selenite to your forehead (for clarity of mind) and then moving the wand over + around your entire body + aura
  2. Open all doors + windows, and move anti-clockwise around your space with the palo santo, smoking the entirety three times in total
  3. Sit comfortably in the centre of the space with your selenite in both hands, as its purifying vibration reaches every edge
  4. Set your intention for your space


Named after the Goddess of the Moon, Selene, Selenite is the perfect crystal for cleansing body, mind, soul + space. This crystal is one of the very few that does not require cleansing itself; it remains pure and unaffected by other energies, while removing unwanted or unhelpful energy. Selenite promotes purity, and enables its user to remain pure + true to their self.


Spanish for holy wood, Palo Santo is known for its ability to purify + cleanse spaces, and to evoke a sense of calm, peace + clarity. The wood of the Palo Santo tree, native to South America and with a beautiful citrus aroma, is also known to enhance creativity + meditation.


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