Crystal Wellness Set


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Crystal Wellness Set
Crystal Wellness Set


Five crystal tumblestones, each carefully selected for their positive effects on health, healing + wellness.

Get creative + intuitive. Set your intention for each, and then use these crystals as you feel.

  • Hold the crystals in the palms of your hands while you meditate.
  • Place them underneath your pillow at night.
  • Gift to a friend who needs some love, peace + wellness.
  • Line your yoga mat with them.
  • Carry them in your handbag, pocket or bra.
  • Place them intuitively within your home.

    Clear Quartz
    Known as the 'master healer', Clear Quartz crystal dissipates negative energies, thoughts and beliefs. It rebalances and revitalises body, mind and soul, neutralising the effects of background toxins and radiation while enhancing memory and concentration.

    Rose Quartz
    Famous as the crystal of love, it is said that Rose Quartz was used by the Greek god of love, Eros, to impart love and passion. The benefits of this beautiful crystal are said to include strengthening, healing, attracting and harmonising relationships - including the one with self.

    Amethyst attracts an abundance of positive energies, ridding body and mind of feelings of stress, anxiety and tension. This crystal is also known to support sleep and mood, and enhance healthy cell regeneration within the body.

    Howlite calms an overactive, anxious mind whilst teaching patience, enhancing memory and inducing sleep. It is a beautiful, powerful crystal for both realising and achieving ambitions, and for inspiring a desire for knowledge and leaning. Howlite also helps to facilitate an awareness and healthy expression of our emotions.

    Jade, recognised for both its beauty and its healing + protective powers, has been used for thousands of years. It is famous as a crystal of prosperity, attracting abundance while balancing body + mind.
    Crystal Wellness Set
    Crystal Wellness Set

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